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Win Win

Facebook uses security checks to keep your attention on them.

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Is Facebook just Prodigy 2.0?

Communities were an early part of the internet usage as initially through Usenet, then the walled gardens of the online services like Prodigy.  The online services subsequently embraced Usenet groups but without the WWW the number of users remained relatively small.

The introduction of the web provided a far more effective platform on which to build communities.

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Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid

Have you ever caught yourself falling into the trap of making an assumption that you didn’t know you were making? I got my wake up call while watching England fail to get to the semifinals of the World Cup – once again!

Steve McManaman, one of the ABC/ESPN World Cup analysts, was bemoaning one of England’s poor performances when Alexi Lalas interjected that perhaps they (England) just weren’t good enough. Although suggesting this to any fan is nothing short of heresy, it struck me (an England fan) as a statement of the “emperor has no clothes” calibre. I suspect that he meant the comment with reference to the current team but it led me to start wondering what the facts would tell us about the English team and its standing on the stage of world class football. The results were illuminating to say the least.

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Are You Controlling Your Destiny?

That FaceTime is currently only available when connected to Wi-Fi is, obviously, a limitation. But that it uses Wi-Fi — data, rather than voice networking — is an indication of just how big a deal it is. It’s the beginning of Apple’s end-run around the phone carriers.

I recall Mr Jobs being quoted as saying that he thought Apple didn’t want to do anything where Apple couldn’t control their own destiny. Looking from a distance, it appears that Apple’s relationship with AT&T might have proven the value of this strategy.

Although Apple is not without its missteps, it seems that AT&T just cannot reach the bar for performance when it comes to product launch and customer relationships.

The above comment from Daring Fireball suggests one way that Apple is getting around the problem.

I make this comment, not so much to discuss Apple, but more to ask the generic question: Do you have control over your destiny? If not, what would you have to do to get and maintain control so that you could increase the value you deliver to customers?

What Would You Do With Dell Computer?

When asked what he would do about Apple who at the time appeared to be heading towards extinction, Michael Dell reportedly remarked that he would shut it down, sell off the assets and give the money to the shareholders. Ironically, it’s Dell that has been destroying value since 2000 and currently shows no sign of reversing the trend. If you were the chief marketing officer, what strategy could you devise to increase the value of Dell Computer?

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What is Your Chance of Success?

The Similarity Between Making Movies and Start-Ups

Jeffrey Katzenberg discussing the success of movie making, implicitly meaning an economic success, estimated that only 25% of the movies produced amounted to any type of success.

Interesting contrast with Venture Capital success rates. Estimates suggest that only 20% of companies receiving investment go on to become successful, as in profitable, companies.

With the demise of the studio model movie making became like a series of start up businesses. In general if you want to make a movie you have to raise the capital, assemble a team and then produce a product that will produce a good return for the original investors. If you are a director, assuming it takes 18 months to make a movie and you are employed consistently, that is equivalent to starting a new company every two years!